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Versatile Carpets are proudly MADE IN THE USA in Dalton, Georgia, the carpet capital of the world. Our carpet tile squares make it so easy to update any location with plush, soft, long-lasting, and comfortable flooring. Cushion backing is available on multiple styles for additional softness. A quick and easy do-it-yourself installation saves both time and money, and carpet tiles can be used almost anywhere you have a smooth, firm, flat and dry surface to attach them to. Peel-and-stick carpet squares use a releasable pressure sensitive adhesive, so tiles are easy to remove or replace when you are ready for a change. With our tiles you get both beauty and long-lasting performance.

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Residential Collection

Our Soft Step attached cushion delivers the ultimate in comfort and performance,and... 

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    An economical do-it-yourself method to update almost any room surface. Sturdy carpet tile squares are soft and warm underfoot and create a comfortable and cozy setting

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    Simply peel off the plastic film and place in position. Seams are virtually invisible. Tiles can also be individually replaced if necessary